Residential Case Study

One of our existing clients mentioned they found it hard to find quality family time in between life's usual racing around!

We decided that in addtion to providing residential cleaning services, we could offer lifestyle services which could alleviate some of the hectic stress associated with family life & leave more time for families to enjoy together.

Home Services

Our flexible range of cleaning & home husbandry exactly when you need us.

Shop & Stock

Fridge, freezer, pantry & household supplies shopping & restocking.

Extra Hands!

We take care of all those things you keep meaning to do but never find the time!

The Frasers of Glasgow

As a busy family (which has since expanded!) the Frasers found they spent more time racing from place to place for work, with the kids, household shopping & last minute dashing about than actually enjoying their growing family (& Lacy the dog).

With never enough time in the day, especially in Scotland's dark winter nights, larger tasks like washing the car or tidying the garden would roll from week to week without the time to tackle them. Lacy's walks were combined with taking the kids to nursery & then sharing the boot with the weekly shopping on the way home!

We decided to see where we could help.

Household Assessment

We created an assessment of the Fraser family requirements based on services we already provided & tasks we felt would give them more free time together.

Assessment Results

Their results showed they had on average only 50mins spare per day to share as a family, which came as quite an eyeopener (no wonder mum & dad were shattered!).

Easy Solutions

Simply by organising the weekly shop & keeping all essentials stocked we were able to free up three hours per week in their schedules & that was just the start!

Weekly Timesavers

  • Household Clean 4hrs
  • Laundry & Ironing 2hrs
  • Collect Kids 5hrs
  • Shop & Stock 3hrs
  • Lunchtime Dog Walk 1hr
  • Garden Maintenance 3hrs
  • Total Time Reclaimed - 18hrs!

Monthly Timesavers

  • Window Cleaning 2hrs
  • Car Wash & Valet 2hrs
  • Kitchen Steam Clean 2hrs
  • Paving Powerwash 3hrs
  • Freezer Restock 1hr
  • Total Time Reclaimed - 10hrs!

"...We hadn't realised just how little quality time we had together & there always seemed to be something we'd not had time for. Now we have weekends virtually to ourselves - Dalziel's weekly timesavers mean we've nothing to catch up on (except for fun stuff with the kids & longer Lacy walks! Super services which have really made a difference ..."

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